Reflections in a Coffee Shop: My Year-End Tradition

Reflections in a Coffee Shop: My Year-End Tradition

Hey y'all – as we bid farewell to another year, I want to share with you my personal end-of-year ritual that has become a game-changer for me. It's my yearly reflection time - not your average sit-down-and-think session. I make it a point to step out of my usual environment – I don’t stay home or sit at my desk.. I grab my workbook and head to my favorite local coffee shop, find myself a cozy corner, and before diving in, I say a prayer for clarity and understanding of the past year.

First up in my reflection process: the top three milestones of the year. Now, these aren’t always the great things that happened. Sometimes they're the opposite, like plans that didn’t quite take off. Case in point: my goal to roll out new courses in 2023 – well, that didn’t exactly happen. But it's crucial to look at these moments, figure out why, and learn from them.

Then, it's gratitude time. I count my blessings – both in my personal life and on this business journey. I’m super thankful for my husband, the one who keeps our house clean and the laundry done, allowing me the space to grow this business alongside my day job. And let’s not forget the amazing creative community we’ve built on Facebook – you guys are amazing. Gratitude really puts everything into perspective.

Next, I reflect on what worked and what didn’t. I'm all about focusing on the positives, because, let’s be honest, we can usually be our own toughest critic. Focus on the wins and think about how to build on them. Of course, I think about what could've gone better and make note of changes to implement – for me, that often looks like delegating more to my VA, so I can focus on what I love doing!

Lastly, of course, goals. I jot them down each year, and though I might not check them as often as I should, they’re always there in the background. At the year's end, I pull out that list and see how far I got and what I wanted to accomplish at the beginning of the year. Then, I set new goals, making sure they're measurable (you know when you’ve hit it), actionable (there are clear steps to take to get there), and tied to a strong ‘why’ (so you remember why it’s important) – that's the fuel to keep going!

To wrap this up, I've got a little gift for you – the very Year End Review workbook I use. I’d love to hear about your reflections and your big goals for 2024 in our Creative Community Facebook Group. Let’s share, inspire, and grow together!


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