Navigating shipping with ease: My favorite shipping tools

Navigating shipping with ease: My favorite shipping tools

As we enter the holiday season, the question of shipping your products becomes a question that you're likely to encounter. Do you ship your products, or are you strictly local pickup? For me, the answer has always been clear—I've been shipping since I first started my business! 

When I launched my business, I found myself over 2,000 miles away from my main customer base. Having left California for Indiana the year before, most of my customer base at the time was back in my home state. This meant that I quickly learned the ins and outs of shipping, and surprisingly, it's still one of my favorite things! Maybe it comes from always being one that loved getting the mail - now I know that I get to be the one sending out those fun packages to people and brightening their day! No matter what the reason, I love it and I'm here to share with you a few of my favorite shipping tools to make it more comfortable for you too!

Shipping might seem scary, but with the right tools, it can be a breeze. Here are some of my favorite essentials to make the shipping process easier for you:

  1. Bubble Wrap: Protecting your beautiful creations is a top priority!! Bubble wrap serves as a reliable guardian for your art pieces, ensuring they reach their destination unharmed! 
  2. Poly Mailers: When it comes to packaging, simplicity is key. Poly mailers have become my go-to choice for shipping. Skip the darm shipping paper—poly mailers are efficient and convenient! 
  3. Packing Tape: Somewhat an obvious one. As your packages make their way through the postal service, making sure they're super secured with tape ensures everything arrives intact!
  4. Shipping Scale: A shipping scale is a game-changer! Being able to weight and ship your products from your home without having to go to the post office not only saves you money on shipping, but saves you time and energy too! 

Shipping can be fun and easy - it doesn't have to be a headache. Use the right tools and have fun! Happy shipping!

Grab a list of my favorite shipping tools here! 

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