Crafting Simplified: Stop overthinking design choices and be prepared for the upcoming seasons

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Are you a sign maker looking to streamline your creative process without compromising on quality? Look no further!

The Shine SVG Club is your ticket to saving hours searching for designs, ensuring that as a creative maker, you get to focus on the creative process using high quality designs made for sign makers, by a sign maker.

Experience the ease and joy of creating without the headache of design choices. Join our club and focus on your creativity today!


    Picture this: At least 7 high-quality SVG designs delivered straight to your inbox. Plus, at least one of these designs is reserved exclusively for our club members - never to be found anywhere else! (Valued at a minimum of $19.99!)


    The club keeps you ahead of the curve with designs tailored for the upcoming seasons! Having your designs prepared in advance means you can focus your creative energy on crafting your products!


    Have a specific design idea in mind? Submit your requests and ideas for future monthly SVG collections! Each month features design requests that were submitted the previous month from our members.


    As a valued member of the Shine SVG Club, you get special discounts to be used in our digital Etsy shop for even more SVGs!

Don't take it from me...hear from our members

"If you have not joined the monthly SVG club. What are you waiting for? Jessica rocked it again!!! Thank you Jessica for your awesome designs!!!!" - Susan

"I love the SVG club. You never know what you will get and they are always amazing." - Sarah

"Love your club!" - Julia

"You all ain't going to want to miss this HURRY go sign up WELL WORTH IT!" - Jennie


"Love all your deisngs. So trendy and modern and perfect for the season." - Christine

"Thanks, as always such cute designs." - Jessica

"I love, love, love the SVG club! As a maker, I know there are tons of options for finding designs, but I spend all of my time trying to choose and it really eats into my productivity. I love that Jessica sends designs to my inbox each month and I don't have to search or think about it! As a major procrastinator, having designs for the next season helps keep me on a schedule. Best of all, the designs themselves are so awesome, many have quickly become bestsellers for me!" - SVG Club Member

Unleash Your Creativity for Just $10/month: Join Shine SVG Club Today!

Do you find yourself caught in the endless search for SVG designs? Say goodbye to that design hunting time suck! The Shine SVG Club brings you a monhtly collection of 7+ high quality SVGs tailored just for sign makers like you - all for just $10/month.

Picture it: more time crafting your masterpieces, less time scrolling for designs. That's not all! Our designs are taken from your requests, ready to be transformed into your beautiful creations.

Join us on this journey today and let your creativity flow!


Shine SVG Club


When can I sign up?

The SVG Club is open for new members the 1st through the 5th of each month.

You can sign up on the waitlist here and be the first to be notified when it opens again!

Can I use these SVG on products I want to sell?

YES! The SVG files are provided with commercial license to use on products that you intend to sell!

You cannot resell the digital file, but as long as you are using it to create a finished product (including stencils), GO FOR IT!!

Do we only get SVG files?

Each month, you get the PNG and SVG file types of each file.

If you are needing a different file type, that's no problem, simply reach out to me and I'm happy to convert it for you.

Do I get access to past designs?

No, not at this time. You get access to the designs during the months that you are a member.

When do I get my files?

Each month, your subscription will renew on either the 1st or the 5th of the month. When that happens, you will automatically get an email with that month's files attached!

The date your subscription renews depends on when you initially purchase your membership. If you would like to change that date to the 1st, simply send me an email and I can change it on my end.

What if I forget to download the files one month?

That's no problem! Simply send me an email and I will be able to get you the direct link to the files that you are missing.

Are these files for use only with Ikonart stencils?

Nope! All files provided are for use on any crafting cutting machine (Cricut, Silhouette, etc.), or for use with Ikonart stencils.

Occasionally there will be designs that are more detailed than will cut easily on a cutting machine. When that is the case, an additional file is provided that is similar but with less detail to be used with cutting machines.

Can I request specific designs?

Absolutely! There is a file design request form within the Club Hub page for you to request designs for future collections.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes! You can cancel or pause your membership at anytime via the membership portal. The link for that is also found on our main website.

Do I get to keep the files if I leave the membership?

Absolutely! You are free to download the files to your computer when you receive them in your inbox, or from the Club Hub page. They are yours from that point forward!

Have additional questions?

Simply contact me and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have!


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