List of Custom Stencil Makers

List of Custom Stencil Makers

If you've been around for a while, you know that we love collaborating with other creatives! We've been brainstorming a bunch of ways that we can bring all of us together - and a couple of weeks ago, one of those ideas came to light! We put out a call in our online Creative Community asking for anyone who makes custom stencils to let us know! And guess what? You all delivered! We put together a list of those talented creatives and it's right here for you to check out! 

Check out the list here:

Most of the makers on the list are Ikonart stencil makers, but we don't want to leave anyone out! If you also creative custom stencils using vinyl or mylar, we'd like to have you join the list! How? Easy! Just fill out this form and it will get added! 

Add yourself as a custom stencil maker

We absolutely love seeing what all of our members are creating - so if you haven't joined us over in the Creative Community, make sure to do that too!


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Been working with stencils since 2018. Started marking them in 2022.

Julia Courtright

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